EcoNatural Range

Lucart EcoNatural


EcoNatural is the innovative PAPER+DISPENSER system that gives new life to beverage cartons. Thanks to an innovative technology, Lucart separates the components of beverage cartons: from cellulose fibres it creates Fiberpack®, with which it produces paper, and from aluminium and polyethylene it produces Al.Pe.®, the new raw material used for making dispensers.

Key Features Include

- Lucart napkins & toilet paper are made from recycled beverage cartons
Production process helps reduce CO2 emissions

Helps conserve our forests
The Lucart dispensers are also made from aluminium and polyethylene which is found in the recovered beverage cartons.
High quality look and feel
Promotes circular economy





Our Range


An exceptional performance paper is made from Fiberpack® innovative production process. The unbleached cellulose fibres, that maintain the natural colour of the wood, are of a quality comparable with virgin cellulose and therefore able to provide the finished products with excellent strength and absorbency.

EcoNatural products posivitely help the environment: by giving life to materials which otherwise would be lost in waste; by contributing to the reduction of CO2 emission in the atmosphere; by preventing the cutting of trees.

A special market research survey commissioned by Agron Institute of Milan on a representative sample of public toilet users found that:
• 79% of the people interviewed would consider the premises that use these hand towels environmental friendly;
• 78% of the people interviewed think it is important to find recycled paper in public toilets;
• 70% of the people interviewed would appreciate the premises more if they found recycled paper products in the toilets.